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Наш проект помощи ветеранам "Национальный безналичный Юнит

Добавлено: 16.02.2021

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The program aims to reduce the social isolation of people living in disadvantage. Support for vulnerable social categories in conditions of social isolation.

We are creating a NCU barter exchange marketplace

- with the help of an internal electronic analogue of money on the ncu.digital website. Given the current realities of the pandemic - in Ukraine there is a need for a domestic Internet platform for barter exchange. The population is without work and money, but at the same time - the world is physically oversaturated with goods. People can exchange critical goods. Postal operators do not stop their work. The problem of barter in the individual evaluation of goods and the difficulty of finding a suitable exchange option - which satisfies both parties. We will give people the same fishing rod - with which the population will be able to conduct financial activities in an alternative way. Provide yourself and your families with essentials. In our time, barter exchange has become relevant, but in reality it works with difficulty. We solved this problem based on historical experience based on current technologies - blockchain. Buying and selling goods and services for domestic currency that operates exclusively in this network. It is not displayed and replenished with fiat funds - the cost of capitalization is ensured without the intervention of external factors. Let's return to people the gold coin which is really provided with the goods.

Our project implements its own value system - an internal analogue of the currency for which anyone can exchange for any product and service without paying any fees or charges. We help people get everything they need critically. We provide a stable and reliable and profitable system of relationships, which is so lacking in a financially unstable world.


The presentation as a Beta version of the platform is implemented for video review on the YouTube channel


We will create conditions for solving the general financial needs. In the world, even some cities are trying to solve this problem of imperfect economy by introducing their own counterpart within their settlements.


Barter has a strong potential for implementation. The facts are known as a result of a 14-step series of exchanges - in a year we managed to exchange an ordinary paper clip for a two-story house. And there are many such examples - our platform allows you to do it even more effectively.


The project will save people from overpayments and unnecessary financial commissions. Anyone can buy the product he needs - excluding additional costs and margins. Our Project will help people get products at the lowest possible price and does not charge any fee from the business and the target audience - this provides an opportunity to buy products at the lowest price. People will have an additional opportunity to live better - without spending more. This project will enable people to fully coexist in this world - even with the complete absence of fiat funds. Get the necessary goods and services. Live fully and provide for the family even without leaving home!



Valeriy Udovenko
Valeriy Udovenko
16.02.2021 в 00:15 | ответить
Важно помогать тем, кто нуждается в помощи
Валентина Тетерева
Валентина Тетерева
21.02.2021 в 10:42 | ответить
Я не совсем поняла. Если бартер. Вещь меняем на вещь. Зачем нужна внутренняя валюта? Что я поняла не так?
Игорь Левашов
Игорь Левашов
05.03.2021 в 16:23 | ответить
Как вариант, есть проект Бартер.РФ